Is It Legal To Date An Escort in Istanbul


You will find plenty of Istanbul escorts, but before you end up hiring someone it is important for you to know whether prostitution is legal there, or you may get yourself into some serious trouble. Well, prostitution is totally legal in Turkey. As a matter of fact, this business has been permissible here for almost hundred years. Today, approximately 3,000 women belonging from different nationalities operate as escorts in this country. You will be fascinated to know that an owner of a brothel chain was known as the largest taxpayer in Turkey.

Prostitution is Legal but Pimping isn’t

As according to the Turkish law prostitutes are required to get registered and visit clinics periodically. Also, they are required to carry their identity cards. These ID cards are generally issued by the healthcare authorities, which monitor the prostitutes’ health conditions in Turkey regularly. They sometimes conduct health audits twice or thrice a week, only if they find it essential. However, the escorts cannot marry and if they have any offspring they will be barred from working in Turkish Army and Police, particularly in the higher ranks. Also they are not allowed to marry individuals working in the Turkish police although the children of escorts do not require such restrictions. However, pimping is totally illegal in this country.

Owning a Brothel

The majority of the brothels in the country are generally managed by the state. Even then, you will find hundreds and thousands of escorts practising prostitution through hotels. Well, there is no obligation if you fix a date with an escort in your place or may be in a hotel room. Just make sure that you always seek ID proof from them.

Dating an Unlicensed Escort

Women or escorts who work illegally aren’t eligible for the business. And therefore, they do not receive treatment, unless of course they visit clinics. This is why a lot of unlicensed escorts suffer from STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Above all, there can be a police raid in the resort while you are busy with the escort. Availing services of unlicensed may lead to unwelcome consequences. Although you can choose to work with an independent escort, it is much safer to contact an agency. Reputed escort service providers have made it compulsory for the escorts to have their ID proofs, whereas this may not be mandatory with the independent escorts.